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Visual Object Classes 2012 object detection.
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Shifeng Zhang, Longyin Wen, Xiao Bian, Zhen Lei, Stan Z. Li
For object detection, the two-stage approach (e.g., Faster R-CNN) has been achieving the highest accuracy, whereas the one-stage approach (e.g., SSD) has the advantage of high efficiency. To inherit the merits of both while overcoming their disadvantages, in this paper, we propose a novel single-shot based detector, called RefineDet, that achieves better accuracy than two-stage methods and maintains comparable efficiency of one-stage methods. RefineDet consists of two inter-connected modules, namely, the anchor refinement module and the object detection module. Specifically, the former aims to (1) filter out negative anchors to reduce search space for the classifier, and (2) coarsely adjust the locations and sizes of anchors to provide better initialization for the subsequent regressor. The latter module takes the refined anchors as the input from the former to further improve the regression and predict multi-class label. Meanwhile, we design a transfer connection block to transfer the features in the anchor refinement module to predict locations, sizes and class labels of objects in the object detection module. The multi-task loss function enables us to train the whole network in an end-to-end way. Extensive experiments on PASCAL VOC 2007, PASCAL VOC 2012, and MS COCO demonstrate that RefineDet achieves state-of-the-art detection accuracy with high efficiency. Code is available at
Jifeng Dai, Yi Li, Kaiming He, Jian Sun
We present region-based, fully convolutional networks for accurate and efficient object detection. In contrast to previous region-based detectors such as Fast/Faster R-CNN that apply a costly per-region subnetwork hundreds of times, our region-based detector is fully convolutional with almost all computation shared on the entire image. To achieve this goal, we propose position-sensitive score maps to address a dilemma between translation-invariance in image classification and translation-variance in object detection. Our method can thus naturally adopt fully convolutional image classifier backbones, such as the latest Residual Networks (ResNets), for object detection. We show competitive results on the PASCAL VOC datasets (e.g., 83.6% mAP on the 2007 set) with the 101-layer ResNet. Meanwhile, our result is achieved at a test-time speed of 170ms per image, 2.5-20x faster than the Faster R-CNN counterpart. Code is made publicly available at: